Authors – keep your eyes on the prize

In an effort to make my dream seem more attainable, I decided to etch the name of my book into stone. You can see it, up there, at the top of this blog… see?

What the Hell, let’s stick it here as well…

Citadel Book I
Inspirational title-in-stone image

(Hopefully, I’ll have more luck than Ed Miliband, who carved his goals into a giant monolith during his general election campaign and then failed miserably to achieve them. Poor bloke.)

As for me: I’ve never been so focused on anything in my entire life. I have the wordlust – from the moment I wake up to the moment I rest my head, the stories I have to tell are falling over themselves to get out.

The march of progress

The second draft of Citadel is coming along nicely. Dialogue is more natural; the world has greater depth and the characters feel richer (and also no longer inexplicably change gender, which helps).

And although I was supposed to be cutting it down, the first section has trebled in length, slowing the pace from frenetic to the rather more manageable exciting.

According to the calculations I made in my post about finding the time to write, I’m currently getting through two chapters a week, meaning this second draft will be complete by June 2016.

However, I hope to up the productivity further, which might be possible when I reach other characters’ perspectives, whose narrative I was happier with in the Chaos Draft.

Now, I don’t know whether the statement-in-stone precipitated this focus, or if this focus inspired the statement-in-stone – but it feels good. It makes the endeavor feel suddenly achievable.

So my advice, should you care about the yabbering of a feverish fiction fledgling, is to take a little time to create something beyond the words. Perhaps it’s the cover, or an illustration of a scene or character. Fuck it, just make a big sign that says: I WILL SUCCEED.

And leave the crushing disappointment for another day.

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