Another arbitrary milestone! Gadzooks!

“Chuffed” – that’s a good word. It’s informal British slang for feeling rather pleased with yourself, thank you very much.

I’m well chuffed, me.

You see? Nice, isn’t it? Just saying it makes you puff out your chest, a hearty smile creeping across your face. It’s warming and confident, and makes you think of toasting some small victory with a cup of tea and a biscuit.


Why am I waxing lyrical about this particular word?

Simple: Because I am, in fact, feeling rather chuffed. For you see, dear readers (note the plural), Right Place Right Tim has reached its second milestone in its two years of existence.

Two hundred WordPress followers!

That’s 200 subscribers through the WordPress app alone, not counting those subscribed by email. Good innit? I was rather pleased with myself when I reached half that

Sure, it’s not stratospheric growth, but, considering I’m an author struggling to get something published, I don’t think it’s too bad, really.

So I want to thank every single one of you for reading these posts, and especially to those who take the time to comment.

It means the world to me.

November pain

I’ve got a few book reviews coming up in the next couple of weeks, but I’ll otherwise be a little quiet in November. I’ve decided to take part in the daunting National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – a challenge for authors to write a 50,000-word novel in the 30 days of November. That’s 1,667 words per day. I’ve never achieved such productivity, but I’m on target so far (ha! three days in) and I’m feeling good about it.

The idea came from a flash fiction piece I wrote last year, which I’ve been mulling ever since. I decided on the 31st October I’d have a go at writing it, so I’m hopelessly under-prepared, but I’ll give it my best shot and see what comes of it. If anything, I hope to glean the inspirational effect of a ludicrous deadline, and learn more about what makes me productive.

Spent the first few hours of the challenge designing a cover, though. Probably could have spent that time writing, really.

My NaNoWriMo cover. That’s right – for a book I haven’t written yet

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “Another arbitrary milestone! Gadzooks!”

    1. Thanks!

      Hey, we all judge the covers, it’s natural. And, frankly, you can usually tell if a book will be a big pile of steaming word-dung from the author’s pitiful grasp of Microsoft Paint.


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