Events and machinations in south-east Asia.

I had to drop the Tim/time puns. I think they had a good innings.



Tim for a change – I say hello, and outline my character’s agency

Tim running out – On embarrassingly short-sighted pangs of stress

Koh Libong at twilight
Koh Libong at twilight

Tim on arrival – A veritable voyage of vomit

It’s party Tim – Thank the gods for drum and bass

Don’t waste your Tim – A wretched hive of scum and villainy

A Railay good Tim – You won’t feel crabby in Krabi

Going lokoh in Libong – Desert island risks

Quantum Lipe – Oh boy…

And then, 5 months later…

Good-Pai! Pai Pai Thailand! Pai! – Journey’s end

Trekking in the Cameron Highlands
Sticks are not just for show

Langkawi – Malaysia’s malaise – Muslim mischief

Spicy variety in Georgetown – The spice of life

Getting deep in Ipoh – Caving a niche

Getting high in Tanah Rata – Our trekking across the jungleverse

Keen on KL – City slickers

Knackered in Melaka – Romance and illness

Singapore's Haw Par Villa
What does it mean?!

Singapore zing – Costly cocktails

Temple courtyard in Angkor
Angkor beauty

Putting Phnom Penh to paper – Happiness and horror

We snook a look at Sihanoukville – An engaging time

Kampot of gold – Colonial cool

A feather in Cambodia’s Kep – Glowing genitalia

Ya-Ya, we’ve been to Battambang – Bats, booze and bamboo

Angkor blimey! – Grim Siem Reap-ers

Luang Prabang New Year
Armed to the teeth

Been there, Don Det, got the shi*ts – A Laos-y time

King of Kong Lor – How not to travel

Don’t panic, it’s just Vientiane – Mental misgivings

Vang Vieng vistas and vomit – Bogus binging

Luang Prabang’s so fun, I Pii Mai pants – Obfuscated urination

Crazy rock formations in Ha Long Bay
Floating islands

How was Hanoi? Ha Long have you got? – Comic Communism

Here today, Saigon tomorrow – Mekong king

The delights of Dalat – Crazy cool

Hoi An, Danang and Hue too hot – Sweat factory

3 thoughts on “Travel”

  1. Hi Tim, looking forward to your Vietnam entry! We had a good tim in Ha Long Bay; drop me a line and we can share photos.


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