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Notes from the 60s – my Mum’s take on Graham Greene

Four shillings
Printed in 1969

I’m reading Graham Greene’s The Heart Of The Matter at the moment. It’s not exactly inspiring anything towards my ethereal steampunk fantasy, but Greene’s one of my brother’s favourite writers, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

It’s the kind of thing that was probably on my Uni literature course that I neglected to read because I was too busy farting about.

I found it on my parents’ bookshelf a few weeks ago – a yellowing Penguin classic print from 1969 nestled among its peers, all bought by my Mum while she was at university.

The price on the back cover says United Kingdom 20p / 4 shillings. That was probably about 50 quid in today’s money.

The story’s about a middle-aged Englishman in West Africa during WWII, whose love for two women, and his attempts to keep them both happy, lead him to disaster.

It’s good, but what I’m enjoying most are the little notes scrawled in the margin by my 19-year-old mum-to-be. They’re few and far between, but I love coming accross them.

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