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Defender of the Corn – Flash Fiction

Matthis woke to the thump of the planet’s heartbeat. It rumbled though the earth, shaking his sod house. Daub dropped from the rafters over his bed, soiling his sheets. It was not yet dawn. Had it been, he’d have risen to plough the fields still damp with morning dew.

Instead, this rhythmic pounding threatened to level his house. He tore the bed sheets aside and pulled a sheepskin cloak over his undergarments.

Thump, thump, thump.

Matthis burst from his house. His land (as far as a peasant might lay claim to the land he toils) was swarming with soldiers. Their unified step quaked the ground.

“Oi!” Matthis cried, waving his sickle. “You bloody bastards! What are ye doin’?”

As though bidden, a horseman galloped forward. “Hail King Anders,” he said from his mount.

“Oh, bloody… Hail!

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Rogue Forces – Dale Brown – [Book Review]

Coverless edition of Rogue Forces
All these reviews are lies

I’m not usually one for hyperbole, but Rogue Forces may well be the worst book of all time. It’s certainly the dullest and most ineptly written trash I’ve ever come across. Certainly, whoever was reading it before me was so embarrassed, they tore the front cover off.

Why is it so awful? It’s difficult to know where to start, there’s so much to choose from. Continue reading Rogue Forces – Dale Brown – [Book Review]